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The birth of every human life brings happiness, hope and blessings to families but life submerged into addictions bring pain, misery, hopelessness and retrogression which are the undesirable aspects of life. Misery and hopelessness brought by addictions are big enemies to our dreams and progress.

November Addiction Patients’ Recovery Status, 2021

Through caring spirit, love, counseling, mentorship, field visits, family visits and impromptu follow ups, more and more Addiction Patients have recovered in the month of November.

If there is any ‘demon’ that should always be fought with superior weapons in the war against addictions ‘it is relapse’. Since July, there has been significant reduction in cases of relapse: in July those who have relapsed accounted for 18.8%. The trend changed from August to 2.2%, September at 2.1%, October as 1.1% and November at 0.9%. Thanks to the sacrificial work of Purpose Rwanda Watchmen/Women, Partners and Volunteers who worked tirelessly in curbing upsurge in cases of relapse.

Investing resources in fighting addictions is worthwhile: talents are reclaimed, dreams are made real and impactful, purposes are discovered and developed to serve communities, unemployment is reduced, lives are restored, and affected families are made peaceful and more resourceful. This is because those who have recovered are mentored, trained, coached and empowered to become Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs) whose core role is seen in self-sustainability and socio-economic transformation in Rwanda.

Together we can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation

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